Baby learning to back float

God’s Got Your Back

“I’ve got your back!” That’s such an encouraging affirmation, isn’t it? You can breathe a sigh of relief to know that someone is determined to look out for you, to protect you from harm when you are vulnerable or defenseless. Not everyone has a co-worker, friend, or family member who…

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Sisters gathered for Community Meetings

Calling the Community for Counsel

The end of July each year brings an important event in the life of our Benedictine monastic community: Community Meetings. For nearly a week all of the Sisters assemble at Sacred Heart Monastery to ponder, reflect, dialogue, discuss, and make decisions about our common life. When I first entered in…

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SHM Cemetery Road

Supplies on the Journey Part 2

In my May 27, 2022 blog entitled Supplies on the Journey Part I, I wrote about “journey” as a metaphor for the “spiritual journey.” Openness and Courage were the first two supplies or provisions that are helpful on our journey. Abraham was used as an example of these supplies. As…

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Tea cup and pot

Repurposed and Renewed

I have a new desk for writing that I am happy about. I have wanted a writing desk for so long, but not just any desk. My husband and I met in an antiques mall years ago and both of us share a love for old things, especially items that…

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Man sitting by beneath a tree near Mobile Bay

Feel Good Friday

My childhood friend, Oscar, is known for writing supportive and encouraging posts on our Class of 1969 high school Facebook page. He was like that throughout elementary, junior high, and high school, a friend we could count on for encouragement and pearls of wisdom. Every Thursday Oscar posts a nostalgic…

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Community Philosophy conclusion

Diversity Bonded into Unity

This summer marks several anniversaries, one being the Centennial of our Federation of St. Scholastica, and another, the 50th anniversary of the creation of our Community Philosophy. Although drafted now a half century ago through a Community process, our Community Philosophy has been altered very little over the years and…

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A Sunflower Story

Sister Michelle and I have been challenged in our efforts grow sunflowers this summer. A chipmunk, a cat, and a zealous retreatant who was assisting with weeding have all taken part in upsetting the project in one way or another. A few plants have been rescued, but the larger portion…

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Community in chapel

Present While Absent

“…and with our absent Sisters” is the response recited by all present at the end of Lauds and Vespers in our monastic community. It is a response to the prayer leader’s request for God’s continued presence or assistance throughout the day or night. This is a common practice in Benedictine…

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Gold in Your Memories book with pen and paper

Writing from the Heart

I have discovered that the best form of prayer for me is to write from the heart. With paper and pen, immersed in the beauty of nature, I continue to be amazed at God’s revelation to me as the holy words begin to float across the page. My favorite form…

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Dove in swirling fire

Pentecost Power

The weekend that I’m writing this blog, the Church is ablaze in red to celebrate the feast of Pentecost. The verse that first jumps into my mind is from the Book of Acts 1:8. Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he encouraged his disciples with this promise: “…you will receive power…

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