Keeping Silence

The ninth step of humility is that one controls the tongue and keeps silence until asked a question; for the Scripture shows that “In a flood of words, you will not avoid sinning” (Prov 10:19) and that “the talkative one goes about aimlessly on the earth” (Ps139[140]:12). The monastic tradition…

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Bowl of salt

Supplies on the Journey Part 6

Our spiritual journey entails being disciples on a mission- a mission calling us to be salt of the earth. Jesus tells his disciples (we are included), you are the salt of the earth (Mt. 5:13). The uses for salt are the same today as in Palestine at the time of…

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Crabapple blossoms

Unfolding the Messages of Lent

Since I have retired home to Sacred Heart Monastery I have had the time and space to explore some of the real blessings I was gifted with during my years of external ministry in our Diocese. During the past 50+ years I have had the opportunity of ministering in ten…

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rotting tree stump

Who Is Asking?

I love being right, don’t you? When I stop to think about it, I probably spend quite a bit of time figuring out ways to be right about nearly everything. After all, who wants to be wrong? Who wants to make decisions that lead to poor health, difficult finances, painful…

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Simple bedroom scene

Go Sit in Your Cell

Recently Sister Kathleen happened by my office with a quote and a question. The quote was from the 4th century desert hermit Abba Moses: “Go sit in your cell. Your cell will teach you everything.” Her question was: “What is the ‘cell’ of today?” Observing that smartphones, TVs, computers and…

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Open breviary on a pile of boxes


After vigilant discernment, we sold our house in Alabama and moved to Mississippi, where we lived part-time for eighteen years. Although this was our twenty-third move, there was no Army moving coordinator or corporate relocation team to assist with packing, storing, and moving our stuff. As older adults, major moves…

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Angel at the Super Bowl

I recently ran across this quote from Dr. Suess: “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” This quote stayed on my mind this past week as I searched my treasure box of most meaningful memories. It wasn’t until the Super Bowl this…

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The Eight R’s

Almost once a month, I send a “Waste Watchers” email to my Benedictine Sisters. These are tips to both challenge and encourage us (including me!!) to become more aware of our habits that waste the Earth’s resources. Below is a list, in order of priority, of these mindful practices. REFUSE…

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Feast of Light

I have loved tomorrow’s feast day, the Presentation of the Lord, ever since I first celebrated it in our Community. It is hard to put into words what it means to me, but I think what attracts me and fascinates me is the richness of symbols contained in its celebration:…

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Snow Scene Sacred Heart Monastery lake 2015

Supplies on the Journey Part 5

Gratefulness flows from the Supplies on the Journey mentioned in my previous blogs especially openness, wakefulness, attentiveness-mindfulness, wonder, and awe. Unless we have these dispositions or at least move toward them, a sense of gratefulness may be difficult but not impossible. Practice gratitude for the little things that happen to…

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