Snow Scene Sacred Heart Monastery lake 2015

Supplies on the Journey Part 5

Gratefulness flows from the Supplies on the Journey mentioned in my previous blogs especially openness, wakefulness, attentiveness-mindfulness, wonder, and awe. Unless we have these dispositions or at least move toward them, a sense of gratefulness may be difficult but not impossible. Practice gratitude for the little things that happen to…

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Detail from Hildegard and Benedict icon

Preferring Christ

“Let them prefer nothing whatever to Christ” says St. Benedict in Chapter 72 of his Rule, the chapter entitled “The Good Zeal of Monks.” I have been reflecting on this phrase repeatedly in the last several weeks trying to unearth not only what our Holy Father Benedict meant for the…

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Infant Jesus from SHM Chapel nativity set

God Hiding in Plain Sight

The Christmas season came to an end this week, and it still seems a blur. I’m remembering the words of Cardinal Avery Dulles, “The Incarnation does not mean that God saves us from the pains of this life. It means that God-is-with-us… Christmas gives us a drill that lets us…

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