Good Zeal

A baker’s dozen

One flashlight, two hammers, three phone calls, four screwdrivers, five Sisters, and a dozen or so vigorous kicks… It took all that and a dedicated employee to free a Sister and a guest who were trapped behind a stuck door in the basement of Ottilia Hall late this afternoon.

We tried everything.  Removing door knobs didn’t help. Passing tools through the basement window to remove interior door hinges didn’t help. Spirited kicks and some fairly athletic moves against the now-unhinged door didn’t work. The old credit card trick didn’t work. It was either break the glass window of the door, which was too small to be of much help anyway, or remove the door frame. A dedicated staff member returned to work and pried off enough of the door frame to – at last! – push the door open.

It takes all of us around here, and sometimes more than all of us. This afternoon, we experienced the abundance of a ‘baker’s dozen’ in many ways – the good-natured attitude of our guest, the dedicated employee who returned to work after having already departed for home, and most of all the grace of the Spirit that animates and enlivens and keeps us joyful and at peace even when we’re “stuck” in a trying situation.

Postscript: The one tool we were missing? A camera! Here’s a photo from the aftermath…

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