Good Zeal

A color only God could create

The color that spread itself across the earth this afternoon was a color only God could create. It was a green charged with red, softened with yellow, laced with white, and warmed with the laziest afternoon breeze you could possibly imagine. Computer hues stand anemic and the printers ink merely pallid compared to the splendor and sublimity of these springtime shades, colors that only God could create.

This Sabbath afternoon has been suitably still, full of color, full of light, full of rest. The activities of the election of Prioress are behind us. The monastery is quiet. Community cars sit immobile in their assigned slots. It seems that no one at all is out and about. Around mid-afternoon, I wandered outside and sat for a while, watching the shades of springtime mix and match, drift and dance. Then I took a walk through the green, green pasture, through a color only God could create, resting in a peace only God can give.

Before this day is done – whether today, tomorrow, or whenever you read this – I hope that you, too, have a chance to pause, to let your eyes linger on this many-hued earth, resting in the peace that only God can give.

Postscript: Our Community completed our election of Prioress yesterday. Details can be found on our Community News page.

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