Good Zeal

A Renovation Psalm

Praise the Lord all ye kabooms,

praise Him all ye thundering thuds!

Praise the Lord all ye trembling floors,

Praise Him all pipes and pillars!

Praise the Lord from the heights of cranes,

give praise with the sound of saw and drill.

Praise the Lord with the dance of boots,

with steel-toe and hard hat, praise Him!

Praise the Lord with careful hand,

with measuring eye, and watchful mind.

With ladder and hammer and strength of arm,

with all of your skill, praise Him!

Praise the Lord for his marvelous works,

for the earth He bids us creatively fill.

Let all who envision and all who build,

with all of creation, praise Him!

Amid swirling dust and resounding sound,

through corridors new, beside walls now gone,

through all that is, that was, and will be,

the Lord stands eternal. Praise Him!

Postscript: Praise the Lord that our renovation has begun! And thanks to Sr. Treva for the first line of this “Psalm” in her reply to my description of the sounds of renovation. More photos can be seen in the link from our Community News page

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