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Birthday blog

Living the Tradition is one year old today. Just to see where we began, I clicked on the blog archives at left and read the first post from a year ago. I was startled to find a metaphoric reference to sweeping the sidewalk because I am typing this with semi-numb fingers, having just finished clearing snow and ice from the Retreat Center entrance in preparation for arriving guests. And yes, I had a broom in my hand.

Just as we ready the monastery for the reception of guests, I hope that this Benedictine blog provides a welcoming and reflective web space for our on-line guests. To quote the first entry, I hope the blog is “both home and journey – a place of welcome… and a point of departure as we explore and reflect upon the passing landscape of our monastic life.”

I happen to be the one who sits at a computer and composes this blog, but this blog is not ‘mine’ in any sense of the word. I live in the midst of a community of wonderful Sisters who daily support, challenge, and inspire me with their fidelity to our Faith and our Benedictine charism. This blog is simply the reflections and observations of one Sister among many, and I am grateful to them for allowing me to share some of our life with you.

As we begin a new year of LTT, we invite you to continue to journey with our community as day by day, with faith, hope and love, we continue to live the tradition.

To quote once again from the very first post: “The sidewalk is swept. The road is waiting. Welcome.”

Postscript: In addition to their spiritual support and encouragement, Sisters have contributed to LTT in other ways as well. Sister Tonette came up with the title one evening as we sat around talking in the 3rd Ottilia community room. Also, I occasionally incorporate photographs taken by either Sister Therese or Sister Regina (such as the snow-covered angel in the previous post, which was taken by Sister Therese.) And Sisters have generously allowed me to reference their activities, special occasions, etc. Like pretty much everything else around here, this blog is a community effort!

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