Stability in Community

Unlike silence, obedience, and humility, The Rule of St. Benedict does not have a chapter on stability. However, stability is a hallmark feature of Benedictine life and spirituality. St. Benedict concludes Chapter 4 on The Tools of Good Works with this statement: “The workshop where we are to toil faithfully…

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Statue of St. Benedict

Therapy and Grace

For the past 5 weeks, I’ve been wearing a long, rigid brace to protect and immobilize a fractured wrist to enable it to heal. Yesterday, I started therapy to eventually recover full strength and use of my fingers, hand and wrist. It’s going to take many weeks before I can…

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How does a monastic community create a new website?

How does a monastic community create a new website? About like we do everything else: prayerfully, as a community, with individual gifts considered, with outside expertise when prudent, and under the leadership of a prioress. Here’s how our new website came about…Our community wanted a more hospitable presence on the…

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