Good Zeal


Tonight, as I walked from Vespers to dinner, the lights of the dining room shone like flares in the desert and the moon stood sentry in the eastern sky as if guarding a revelation. The moon was nearly full, but not as full as my heart, a heart that searches as if it were empty even as it is full to overflowing.

I opened the door to the dining room, to my Sisters, to guests, to the warmth of Christian community. I opened the door to the presence of Christ within and among us.

Seeking the Christ Child – in our hearts, in one another, in Scripture, in the Sacraments, in the endless ways in which He comes to us – is a never-ending journey of ceaseless arrival, of continually searching and finding.

May our desert eyes be ever on the eastern sky, our hands ceaselessly opening the door to His presence, our hearts ever ready to recognize the revelation of our Lord. May we search as if we are empty, even as we are full to overflowing.

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