Good Zeal

In the palm of springtide

I don’t know if it’s possible to be embraced by a season, but lately I have felt as if springtime has me wrapped around its finger, held in its palm…captivated, captured, enraptured by a spring like none I can recall. Any and every trip outside leaves me dazzled and dazed. Crisp nights are followed by days scrubbed clean with sunshine. Languid clouds daydream their way through unhurried heavens. Everything – and I mean everything – is abloom, and no matter where I glance, star-spangled earth and sky fill my eyes.

It’s hard to remember my Lenten disciplines in the midst of such extravagance. Yet isn’t this forty-day journey through the desert an essential element of what makes our hearts supple enough to captivated, captured, enraptured by God…? These spangled springtide days need not distract us from the disciplines of Lent. Rather they can fill us with desire to be wrapped around God’s finger, held within His palm…longing for an interior springtide of blossom and bloom.

Postscript: Thanks to Sr. Therese for a couple of these photos. More springtime photos from the monastery (inside and outside!) can be found on our Monastery Moments photo gallery page. By the way, our palm for Palm Sunday has arrived and several of us (mainly Sr. Mary Jude) worked yesterday plaiting palm for the procession.

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