Good Zeal

Over easy

I awakened early this morning, walked for a bit, prepared guest books for Lauds, made the first pot of Retreat Center coffee, and then paused for a while. Later, at breakfast time, I served up grits and carried pans of eggs from the kitchen – over easy, hard cooked, and everything in between.

And then, Lauds and Eucharist.  During Mass, sunlight was a mild distraction as a delicate shade of lavender radiated from the cut-glass decanter as if through a prism. Following Mass, I roamed around the monastery for a bit watching the sun wrap the earth in a radiant cloak of light and shadow.

All is quiet. The monastery is peaceful and relaxed. The two retreat groups are well underway with their programs, both quietly ensconced in their respective meeting rooms. Sister Kathleen Christa just wandered by the office with a question. Sister Benita just called with a message. The morning is slow, easy, peaceful, at rest – as if the sun itself had kicked back in a chair just to take it all in and watch the day roll slowly by.  
Relaxed.  Light.  Over easy.  Nothing hard cooked about this beautiful day. 

Postscript: Today’s Psalm response fits the radiance of this sun-lit day: I will walk before God in the light of the living. Indeed.

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