sunrise scene at the monastery

The Heavens Declare

Psalm 19 begins, “The heavens declare the glory of God/ and the firmament proclaims his handiwork.” These words naturally come to mind when I witness a beautiful sunset, a rainbow after a rainstorm, shafts of light bursting through darkened clouds on the horizon, and a gorgeous sunrise to welcome the…

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Rose bush where Benedictine Manor once stood

Rooted and Grounded

I was recently ambling along a path between woods and the edge of a small lake when I noticed something unusual. A bright spot of magenta pink caught my eye, so I hiked up the hill to investigate. At the top of the rise a weed-infested flower bed, edged in…

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dogwood petals in azalea bush


Bubbles phoned me on New Years Day. “Okay! My word for 2023 is surrender. I’m not going to manage my problems anymore. I’m surrendering everything to God. I’m putting out the white flag.” Every year, Bubbles phones me to share her resolution for the year, what she calls “my annual…

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Chapel from a distance

Our Bells are Back!

Bells are a very important part of our monastic life. They ring several times a day as they call us to prayer. People often remark that it is so quiet and peaceful inside the monastery walls. When we hear this, we might find ourselves thinking about that. We can get…

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Sistrs Kathleen and Michelle preparing bread for a celebration

Being Prepared

Over a pot of steaming English Breakfast tea one morning, a Jewish friend and I talked about how she prepares for and observes the Sabbath Day. Since Biblical times, Jews have kept a Day of Preparation to get ready for the Sabbath Day. Clearly, it takes planning to prepare for…

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NADI 2023

Listening: Going Deeper in the Heart of Christ

Our community recently hosted the Benedictine Women’s Novice and Director Institute (NADI) from May 8-18. Two novices from St. Martin’s Priory in Lacey, Washington, and one novice with her director from Mount St. Scholastica in Atchison, Kansas attended. Sr. Karen Ann Lortscher directed the Institute. Established in 1988, NADI is…

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Supplies on the Journey-Part 7

There is a children’s song composed by George William Cooke that begins: “I’ve got that joy, joy joy, joy down in my heart…down in my heart to stay.” Joy is one of the supplies on our spiritual journey. Let’s begin this blog by referring to the biblical meanings of the…

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Lladro statue of Madonna and Child located in the monastery dining room

May-The Month of Mary

Many things can be said about Catholics, but it can never be said that we don’t honor our Mother! In addition to the myriad feast days honoring Our Lady in her many titles and virtues, the entire month of May is especially given to her praise. May is traditionally dedicated…

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blooming azaleas near the lake

Thriving or Just Getting Older?

Sometime near the beginning of Lent I awoke with a start and a question lingering in my consciousness, “Are you thriving or just getting older?” What a question! Where did that come from? During Lent and Easter, we are bombarded with imagery and language that force us to grapple with…

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Bench near the lake

Life Weary, Life-Giving

“Yet, all things are to be done with moderation on account of the fainthearted.” Rule of Benedict, Chapter 48 Today I am quite tired in body and soul, so I thought I had chosen wisely to set aside daily activities and take a sabbath rest. At the end of the…

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