Good Zeal

Pre-game rituals

It’s a pretty big football night here in the state of Alabama. And how are we spending game-night here at the monastery? Well, our pre-game rituals are probably different from nearly everyone else in the state, because no matter the fervor with which we root for the home team, fervor for our monastic life comes first. No matter whether we plan to watch the game or not, our pre-game rituals have been just what our rituals are every night – Vespers, supper with the community, and then Compline. After Compline, four of us handled a community task involving flashlights and tennis shoes while Sr. Bernadette and Sr. Priscilla started the supper dishes. Sr. Lynn Marie and I then finished up the dishes while Sr. Benita readied the dining room for breakfast.

Right now, with kick-off a few minutes away, some Sisters are gathered around a TV, some are reading, some are relaxing with needle and yarn, some are tending to various evening tasks, some are catching up on e-mail correspondance… It’s just like every other evening here at the monastery – except for Sr. Lynn’s Roll Tide t-shirt, Sr. Ursula’s LSU garb, and a few cheers that will soon brighten up the night.

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