Good Zeal


When I pressed the “hold” button following the last post, I didn’t realize it would be so long before I posted again. Otherwise, I would have turned on some “while you are waiting” background music to cover for the busy blog operator. If I had, here’s the soundtrack you would have heard…

…the thoughtful, insightful tones of group discussion at a conference for Benedictine Sisters ages 55 and under in Atchison, KS

…a hundred-person silence as we listened with deep attention to our presenters, allowing their words to resonate in our hearts

…a hundred voices resounding in praise at our closing Eucharistic Celebration

…joyous conversation and impromptu song during the social gathering on our final evening

…the mechanical tones of changing gears – takeoff, landing, and airport transitions

…the rattle of rolling wagons and carts…the ‘thunk’ of boxes being moved and stacked…voices of instruction and direction…all sounds of a community in motion as we make our final moves out of Ottilia Hall in preparation for renovation.

Our temporary move out of Ottilia has been underway for some time now, but these last weeks have been “all hands on deck” as we clear out the last rooms and offices. The sights and sounds of transition have been ever present. Yet through it all – whether conferencing in Atchison or clearing out Ottilia – the soundtrack is ever animated and anchored by the ceaselessly recurring…

…bells that call us to prayer…the D-minor chord that calls forth our chant…the ancient texts of the Psalter that rise like incense from our voices…our intercessions that we lift to God…all of it forming the ceaseless soundtrack of a monastic community at prayer.

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