Good Zeal

Storm Update

Thanks to so many who have emailed us of your prayers. As of Tuesday morning, we remain without power or landline phone service at the monastery. We have settled into a non-electric routine: hand washed clothes, candlelit meals, a prayer schedule adapted to the natural light in the chapel, etc.

Cleanup of our grounds continues and roof repairs are going well. We are hopeful we will have power restored soon. It has been restored in the northern parts of Cullman. I am writing this from a business that has both electricty and Wi-Fi.

All the Sisters remain well, and we remain in good spirits. Our prayer life continues without interruption. We will be glad, though, when the lights come back on!

Thanks for your continued prayers! Please especially continue your prayers for those who have lost homes, family members, and/or businesses. We remain very aware that the inconveniences we are experiencing are so minor compared to what so many others are going through.

Postscript: For an unknown reason, I am having trouble loading images. Will try again as soon as I am able.

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