Renovation begins on Ottilia Hall, initiating the first phase of a major three phase project that touched almost every building on the monastery grounds.

Phase I of the project was a renovation of Ottilia Hall to bring it into compliance with current safety codes, install central heat and air, and configure living spaces for the current needs of the community. Phase II was the construction of a new kitchen, renovation of the former auditorium into a monastic dining room, construction of a private retreat area, and renovation of Annunciata Hall’s first floor into Retreat Center meeting rooms, office and storage space, and a gift shop. Phase III was the construction of two new guest houses for the Retreat Center, followed by the demolition of Mary Hall, Joseph Hall, and the former kitchen and monastery dining room. The overarching purpose of the renovation was to configure their monastic spaces and Retreat Center facilities for current needs and anticipated future needs of the 21st century.