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Woman: A Light in the Darkness

As part of a prayer service entitled “Woman: Light in the Darkness,” Anita G. Willoughby wrote her reflection on Mary’s Magnificat as found in Luke 1:46ff. Anita gave me permission to share this with you.

Vision of a Woman in Ministry/ Woman: A Light in the Darkness
There was a woman sent by God.
Her name is not important.

She came as a witness;
        slowly and hesitantly she came forward
        in the midst of the land of her ancestors.

She heard the needs of her people,
        their longings and their hopes
        their frustrations and their pain.

She grew in courage, confidence, and commitment
        as the Spirit called and led.

She came not knowing
        who or what lay ahead
        except the Lord.

She came as a witness
        to the Light that shines in the darkness;
        the Light that burns the heart
        and comforts the soul.
        the Light that bears justice and truth,
        and challenges the darkness of sin.

She was not the Light,
        only a witness to point to the Light;
        a witness to speak for the Light,
        a witness to prepare others
        for the Light to come.

She came as the Spirit called and led.

She healed the spirits of the sick, the sorrowful,
        the confused, and the doubtful.
She enabled others to recognize the Lord
        and the Lord’s gifts in their lives.
She inspired others to seek and to serve God.
She was only a witness
        to the Light in our darkness
        to the Light of her life.

By Anita G. Willoughby

By Sister Marie Leonard, OSB

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