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A Statement of the Benedictine Sisters of Cullman, Alabama on the Day after Election Day


A Statement of the Benedictine Sisters of Cullman, Alabama on the Day after Election Day


On this day of waiting to learn the outcome of our national elections we look at maps divided by red and blue and think of the ways these colors unite us – the azure sky that God created to cover us all, the crimson lifeblood outpoured by Christ for us all, the multi-hued earth that sustains us all, and the many-colored peoples that God formed in his image.

As Benedictines, we live together in community with Sisters of many ages, personalities, perspectives, and temperaments. In relating with one another we seek to embody the wisdom of St. Benedict and see beyond what is most readily evident about the other and look for a greater purpose and vision in our relationships. St. Benedict quotes St. Paul in saying that we “should each try to be the first to show respect to the other.”  He goes on to say that we should pursue not what is best for ourselves but instead what is better for someone else.  This zeal for goodness offers a way by which those of diverse backgrounds, temperaments, and perspectives can dwell together in peace, recognizing their common humanity.

Seeing the stark colors on today’s red and blue maps and the divisions they represent we look for the many things we have in common as we pray for our nation and for everyone for whom she is home. In our prayer we borrow the words of the Psalmist as he prayed for Jerusalem:

 For the peace of Jerusalem pray: “May those who love you prosper! May peace be within your ramparts, prosperity within your towers.”  For the sake of my family and friends I say, “Peace be with you.” For the sake of the house of the Lord, our God, “I pray for your good.”

As we wait, we pray with these words for the good of each person who dwells in our country – each of whom is more than red or blue – and we pray for the unity of our nation.  May we dwell together in peace.


Link to pdf version: Statement of the Benedictine Sisters on the day after Election Day, November 04 2020


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