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Annual retreat a source of inspiration for Sisters

Fr. Mauritius speaks to the community after the conclusion of the retreat.
Fr. Mauritius speaks to the community following a festive meal that concluded the retreat.

The monastic community concluded its annual retreat on Thursday evening. This year’s retreat director was Fr. Maruitius Wilde, OSB. Fr. Mauritius, a German Benedictine monk, presently serves as Prior and Rector of Sant’ Anselmo, the Benedictine seminary and university in Rome. His retreat focused on the life of St. Benedict, connecting Benedict’s spiritual growth with that of our own journeys. The deeper meanings that Fr. Mauritius drew out of many of the episodes in Benedict’s life provided a source of great enrichment and reflection for the Sisters. Additionally, the extra time for prayer and the silence of the retreat  contributed to the spiritual nourishment of the week.



The Sisters offer a parting gift to Fr. Mauritius
The Sisters offer a parting gift to Fr. Mauritius, a ceramic image of St. Scholastica created by Sr. Mary Adrian.

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