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Ash Wednesday at the Monastery

Sisters receive ashes on Ash Wednesday
Sister Tonette distributed ashes to the Sisters during Lauds of Ash Wednesday.


The usual early silence before Lauds was even more hushed than usual as the Sisters gathered in the quiet chapel to begin the season of Lent.  We followed the Opening Verse of Lauds with our traditional Ash Wednesday singing of St. Gregory the Great’s ancient Lenten hymn, Again We Keep this Solemn Fast.  Ashes were distributed to the Sisters by our Prioress, Sister Tonette Sperando.  In the evening, after a simple supper of soup and bread accompanied by table reading, Sister Tonette offered the community a Lenten exhortation and blessed the book each Sister had selected for her Lenten reading.

Sister Tonette’s Lenten Exhortation to the monastic community may be read at this link.



Sister Tonette administers ashes to Sister Regina.
Sister Tonette administers ashes to Sister Regina.









Blessed palm ready to be burned for Ash Wednesday
In the period leading up to Ash Wednesday, last year’s blessed palm was collected from the Sisters and prepared for burning.





Sister Tonette blesses Sister Lynn's Lenten journey and approves the book she has selected for her Lenten reading
Each Sister presented to Sister Tonette the book she had selected for Lenten reading. Sister Tonette blessed each Sister on their Lenten journey, encouraging each to conform her life to the life of Jesus. In this picture, Sister Tonette reviews the book selected by Sister Lynn Marie and offers her blessing.








A sacristan burns last year's palm branches.
A sacristan burns last year’s palm branches.















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