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Community unveils new website

A new era of the community’s presence on the web began today with the publication of our completely redesigned and updated website.  We are pleased to share it and to offer a hospitable presence on the web.

Our community’s first website went ‘live’ in 1999.  Our Prioress at the time, Sister Treva Heinberg, concluded her welcome message on the home page with these words: “Our life in the Spirit of Christ overflows into a life of ministry…and our web site is just one way we reach out.”  She also noted in her message that our website was intended to be a source of information about our community and a resource for spiritual growth.  All of these comments still apply today!

Below, we share with you screen shots of the home pages from our first three website designs.  We are so grateful for this newest version of our web presence and invite you to journey with us through our news, our new blog, our links to social media, our retreat offerings, and more.  Welcome!



Screen shot of former website design

Screen shot of earlier home page version













Screen shot of former webpage design

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