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Retreat Center begins on-line ministry

Retreat Center online program

The Retreat Center has now completed its second on-line retreat using Zoom, with three more on-line programs scheduled for this fall. The feedback from participants has been enthusiastic and grateful.  Among the comments:

“Sister Mary did a wonderful job connecting us to her and sharing her stories. It really made the retreat personal and inviting.”

“The content was exactly what was needed for these times. I’m very grateful to all of you who contributed in any way for this wonderful retreat!

“For your first ZOOM event, if you had said nothing about it being your first time, no one would have known. Great job.”

“The pictures shared were beautiful and very welcoming. Both of you were very natural, likable and well organized. All I can say is very well done.”

“Each part of the retreat was enriching and well presented. Loved that we could break out into groups.

“I felt a sense of of community and sharing through out the retreat.

For both of the recent retreats, Sr. Mary led the retreat and Sr. Elisabeth, Retreat Center Director, served as host on the Zoom platform.  A team of volunteers assisted Sr. Mary with programming and presenting one of the events.

The Retreat Center staff is excited and grateful for the opportunity to reach out in this way.  Here is a link to upcoming on-line events:



Sr. Elisabeth on Zoom
Sr. Elisabeth
Sr. Mary leading online retreat
Sr. Mary


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