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Sisters celebrate with St. Florian parish

On Sunday, October 9, six Benedictine Sisters traveled to St. Michael’s Catholic Church in St. Florian, AL, for the parish’s Sesquicentennial Celebration Mass. Our community has a long and treasured friendship with this community and it was wonderful to celebrate with them.

Sisters at St. Michael's Sesquicentennial
(l-r) Sisters Karen Ann, Gabriela, Elisabeth, Tonette, Bernadette, and Emilie at St. Michael’s Sesquicentennial




Sisters at St. Michael's sesquicentennial
Sisters Karen Ann, Tonette, and Gabriela




Sisters at St. Michael's sesquicentennial
Sr. Emilie was greeted by many of her former students, parents of students, and other long-time friends in the St. Florian community.








































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