Oblates of St. Benedict are Christian women and men who enrich their way of life by associating themselves with a Benedictine community. They offer themselves (the meaning of oblation) in service to Christ by choosing to incorporate the values of Benedictine spirituality into their daily life. Oblates are not vowed religious nor do they live at the monastery; rather, they bring the spirit of Benedictine life to their own homes, churches, and workplaces.

One does not need to be Catholic to become an Oblate. Oblates who are not Catholic are typically members of other Christian denominations. Oblates can be married, widowed or single. Some Oblates have ministerial leadership roles in their churches but most are lay persons. Some Oblates live in the Cullman area while a majority of them live elsewhere in Alabama or in other states.

The Oblate program at Sacred Heart Monastery is led by Sister Sara Aiden Burress, OSB, as Oblate Director, and Sister Lynn Marie McKenzie, OSB, as Associate Director.


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For more information on becoming a Benedictine Oblate, please contact the Oblate Director:
Sister Sara Aiden Burress, OSB
E-mail: oblates@shmon.org
Telephone: (256)734-4622
U.S. Mail: 916 Convent Road NE
Cullman, AL 35055