Group Retreats

We host many types of groups sponsored by churches and religious organizations who bring their own educational or spirituality programs to the Benedictine Sisters Retreat Center.  Some not-for-profit groups also fit well with our mission and find a good home here for their programs.  Among the types of retreat groups we commonly host are prayer retreats, ministry team planning retreats, men’s retreats, women’s retreats, confirmation retreats, and many others.  We can accommodate both day meetings and overnight retreats, whether for a few hours or a few days.

To inquire about our hosting a retreat for your group, please contact us by way of the form below, by calling our office at (256) 734-8302, or by email.  Galleries of our three meeting rooms and our group overnight accommodations may be viewed here.  We look forward to hearing from you about the possibility of hosting your church’s or organization’s next retreat.

May 2024 COVID-19 update: We are fully open, but ask potential guests who are feeling unwell to refrain from coming to the Retreat Center. For individuals, we will be glad to reschedule your retreat. For group members, please contact your group leader and let them know you are not well.  If any future COVID-19 guidance is issued from the CDC, we will attend to those guidelines.

Group Retreat Inquiry Form

If you are interested in bringing a group to our Center for a time of retreat, you may contact us by email, telephone, or by submitting this form. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to answer your questions, typically within one business day. Requests to use our retreat facilities are evaluated based on availability of facilities and dates, and are reviewed in light of our mission.

  • Please note any preferred dates or seasons of the year. If you are seeking specific dates, it is helpful if you can list at least two alternate dates.
  • This information will help us respond to your inquiry with the most appropriate information.
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