Individual Retreats

Guest reading on the dining room porch.

Jesus took time away from the crowds and active ministry for prayer, teaching us how important it is to have time for quiet and solitude.  The beautiful grounds and peaceful environment of the Benedictine Sisters Retreat Center foster a contemplative atmosphere conducive to prayerful attention to God.  For individuals who wish to take some time apart for quiet and prayer, we offer the following opportunities:


May 2024 COVID-19 update: We are fully open, but ask potential guests who are feeling unwell to refrain from coming to the Retreat Center. For individuals, we will be glad to reschedule your retreat. For group members, please contact your group leader and let them know you are unwell.  If any future COVID-19 guidelines are issued from the CDC, we will attend to the updated guidance.



A Private Retreat is a time of silence and solitude in order to seek God in prayer. The silence and unstructured time provide an “empty space” in which one can slow down and spend leisure time with our loving Creator. Simple yet comfortable accommodations allow retreatants to rest and pray without the usual distractions of daily life.

In addition to prayer and reflection, private retreat guests often enjoy reading, journaling, strolling our lovely grounds, and visiting the monastic chapel. Retreatants are welcome to join the monastic Community for the Liturgy of the Hours and Eucharist. Meals are served cafeteria-style and a silent dining area is provided.


In a Private Directed Retreat the retreat guest has an additional opportunity to meet daily with a spiritual director who may offer suggestions for reading and reflection during the time of retreat.


Private Retreats: $100 first night, $75 each additional night.
Directed Retreats: $150 first night, $125 each additional night.

To schedule a private or directed retreat, please inquire using the form below, or contact the Retreat Center office at (256) 734-8302 or by email at  Please suggest preferred dates and alternate dates.


Payment for private retreat deposits, balances due, and spiritual direction may be made at this link.

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is an opportunity for faith development and spiritual growth under the guidance of an experienced director. Sessions can take place either during a directed retreat or in an ongoing manner outside of a retreat. Times and sessions are scheduled in consultation with the director. Please call (256) 734-8302 or email for scheduling information. Spiritual Direction via Zoom may be arranged.

Donation: At least $50 per session
Spiritual Directors: Sister Mary McGehee, OSB; Sister Edith Bogue, OSB; Sister Priscilla Cohen, OSB


Accommodations for private retreat guests include a private room with attached private bath.  A comfortably furnished common area and a kitchenette are shared with other retreat guests.  A small refrigerator in the kitchenette can accommodate limited refreshments brought by guests. (Two rooms do not include kitchenette access.)

Private Retreat Inquiry Form

If you are interested in making a private retreat, you may contact us by email, telephone, or by submitting this form. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to answer your questions and/or to confirm a date for your retreat. We typically respond within one business day. Private retreat availability is based on availability of space and dates.

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