Vocation Stories

Sister Mary McGehee, OSB

The call to give my life to God was planted in me from birth, and it never stopped...

Sister Mary McGehee

Sister Mary’s Vocation Story is on video below.  She also shares with us here the way in which she approaches times of solitude, intentional times in which she is able to listen to God more deeply and rest from the intensity and pace of her ministry.

“Most years I have claimed a week in the spring and a week in the fall to seek God in this way.  The first day I clean the space, get myself organized, and get all the doing done, sort of a winding down of all the frenetic activity. Day two I find myself sleeping a lot, allowing my body to let go. On day three I can finally realize I have arrived in sacred space and time. I really enjoy lingering in morning meditation and prayer on the porch, taking in all the nature sights and sounds that open my heart to delight in our loving Creator. I have learned to return to my senses. Long, lingering, mindful walks are helpful. I enjoy the fragrances of the forest, notice the bustling of the tiny creatures. I am delighted by the variety of birdsong, the color and shape of little bugs, the greenness of our Alabama hills and woods. I marvel… I savor… I let go into God… I allow God to love me… and our world of wonder…”